You and your family need a vacation; after all you have worked hard all year round and now is the time to enjoy some freedom from the alarm clock. But where do you choose to take your next vacation? California has long been an very popular choice not only with Americans, but also with people from other countries. And it comes as no surprise really, because the climate is good and the way of life is often relaxed and laid-back. The last thing you want on a well-earned break from the office is stress and hassle.

If you choose to spend your vacation in California, then surely San Diego should be at the top of your list. San Diego is a chosen destination for more than 32 million visitors each year, around half of which stay overnight or longer in a vacation rental. San Diego is listed as a top U.S. travel destination.

Vacation Rentals in San Diego: Tips for a Fun & Fascinating Holiday

It will depend on what you hope to get from your vacation which area you would like to stay in. For example, if you just want a complete break away from humdrum routine and some rest and relaxation, your destination could well be different than if you wanted a fun-filled and active vacation. San Diego Beach is split into several different beaches, including Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, each of which has something slightly different to offer the discerning vacationer.

Mission Beach is often described as a ‘larger than life playground for people of all ages,’ as you will discover for yourself! You will find clothing and souvenir shops, as well as action and fun for the whole family. Belmont Park offers a ride on the Giant Dipper rollercoaster or there’s the option to rent some rollerblades for you and the kids, who are sure to enjoy choosing from the many carnival type rides. Located on Mission Bay is Sea World San Diego for both children and adults.

Pacific Beach offers Tourmaline Surfing Park, an ideal location for surfing for the more active members of your party. And of course you could try your hand at kiteboarding or simply enjoy a family picnic at one of the dedicated picnic areas.

Researching Vacation Rentals in San Diego? Here’s what to Look for!

There are many vacation rental companies in San Diego and so you will want to be certain that you are making the right choice before you part with your hard-earned money. So what makes Capri San Diego stand out from all the others? Our commitment to customer service is one of the areas in which we excel. Since we started business in 1987, we have pleased literally thousands of vacationers with the quality of service provided by us.

An exquisite location is another thing to look for in your vacation and due to the fact that we are conveniently located close to some super sandy beaches and with a wealth of water sports to choose from, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will find something to suit the whole family here.

San Diego Beach House Rentals – America’s Ultimate Vacation Destination

There are many good reasons why San Diego has become the ultimate vacation destination for people not only from America, but also from many areas around the world. California as a whole has a well-deserved reputation for offering quality vacations because of the year round warm temperatures, but many are now looking for something a little different and are heading off to San Diego where beach house rentals are becoming increasingly popular because of the freedom they can offer to the whole family.