Vacations are an extremely important part of our lives these days. We all work so hard for so long, that when it comes to taking our vacation, we all want to make sure that we are making the right decisions. Usually the first decision we would make would be the location we wish to visit and then whether we would like to stay in a hotel or a vacation home rental. If California is your choice, then be sure to take a look at our enviable choice of San Diego vacation home rentals.

Your money takes a long time to earn, and such a short while to spend that you need to be positive that you are making the right choice for you and your family when it comes to such a large amount of expenditure. But wait! Here at Capri San Diego you will discover that you get superb value for money when you choose to book a vacation rental in San Diego.

No matter which of our superb San Diego vacation rental homes you decide upon, their wonderful location guarantees that you will always be close to the ocean for all that entails, including surfing, swimming and the generally laid-back beach lifestyle which we all know and love.


The wonderful thing about taking your vacation in a San Diego vacation home rental is that you will be able to please yourself for the whole of your vacation. When you are self-catering, you can choose what time to get up and go out; you can eat wherever you desire, and all without feeling restrained by a hotel time-table. This truly is the best in relaxation. After all, if you have danced the night away at one of the famous dance locations, or enjoyed a late-night meal, you will never feel as if you have to get up for a particular time for breakfast because you have paid for it.

It often works out far cheaper to eat at a local café or restaurant or even do some shopping at a supermarket and cook for yourself in the superbly appointed kitchens available in all of the accommodations on offer in our San Diego vacation rental homes. This can be especially useful if one of your party has a food intolerance, or even if one of your children is just a fussy eater; holidaying at a vacation rental in San Diego gives you the flexibility and freedom of choice which really makes your vacation everything you want it to be.

And if your children are veritable ‘water babies’ then this is definitely the vacation for you. The close proximity to the ocean in our luxurious San Diego vacation rental homes means that they can enjoy the wonders of the water whenever they desire.

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